Prelaunchinvitation Update #3


Just another quick update for you as we continue to work quickly
to prepare for the launch of what is no doubt going to be the
HOTTEST business opportunity launch YOU have ever seen!

To kick things off, we are approaching 30,000 enrolled
Pre-launch Members!

The production lines are smoking... churning out pallet after
pallet of our patent pending formula that "The World has Been
Waiting For". By the time we open the doors we'll have thousands
of units ready to ship worldwide!

We also wanted to update you on additional efforts that are
taking place to ensure, without a doubt, that this business WILL

We are very excited to announce that we have assembled a
Corporate Internet Sales Division operated by professionals in
the industry who have a track record that will bring in millions
of dollars in product sales year in and year out. We're talking
and endless stream of customers from the web.

And EVERY customer sale that our Corporate Internet Sales
Division generates goes into the Matrix, making YOUR opportunity
for massive profits that much greater!

We have also assembled a Corporate Media Sales Division capable
of generating millions of dollars worth of product sales per
year through various media outlets like magazines, newspaper
ads, TV spots and more!

And YES, those sales ALSO go into the Matrix to benefit you!!

We're not done yet Lowel! Just to make sure our program remains
YOUR #1 Home Business for years to come we also put together a
Corporate Retail Sales Division!! This specialized team of
individuals has ties to national and international giants such
as GNC, Walgreens, Costco, and MORE!

And you guessed it! Every customer who buys our products off the
shelves will get introduced to our web sites and BINGO, all
future online sales go into the Matrix to benefit you!

Lowel, you got yourself involved in a whole new league of
product ingenuity and business opportunity when you enrolled
into our Pre-launch.

NOW is the time to get the word to the masses. Share your web
site with anyone and everyone. And do it fast because May isn't
far away! We don't know when exactly in May we will be ready to
launch, but the day is approaching!

Whether your Matrix is full, nearly full, or just getting
started, the more people we get into the Pre-launch the more
sales volume YOUR Matrix can get. Teams are already assembling
worldwide, people are organizing sales forces, the Corporate
Divisions mentioned above are ready to rock. Your Matrix will
begin to fill soon... if not during Pre-launch... after we

This one is going to be BIG!

The PreLaunchInvitation / InvitationToJoin Team

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