Another Pre-launch Update for You


Another busy week is quickly coming to an end as we prepare for
the big launch of what is no doubt going to be the HOTTEST
product line and opportunity YOU have ever seen!

We are now just under 40,000 actively enrolled Pre-launch
Members! We will no doubt hit our goal of 50,000 PLUS members by
the time we launch. And when we launch with over 50,000 members
there will be NO STOPPING this freight train from becoming the
fastest growing opportunity and nutritional product line online

Do you recall any of those infamous success stories throughout
history where "TIMING" was a major factor? Your timing for
finding this Pre-launch opportunity couldn't be better. YOU are
right here with the rest of us at the TOP of it all!!

We believe that all 40,000 current Pre-launch Members are
standing at the brink of their own success story. Here's why...

Last week we sent an update outlining various "Divisions" that
we have put in place for this company that you are a Pre-launch
Member of. This week our Corporate Media Sales Division made
huge strides in their effort to create an outstanding co-op
advertising program using full page magazine and newspaper ads,
TV spots, and much more. We're talking TARGETED customers coming
through our front door that can be assigned to YOU!

The well known entrepreneur Mike Glaspie is at the helm of our
Corporate Media Sales Division. And let us just say this... Mike
G is the PERFECT person you'd want in charge of Media Sales. You
probably know Mike primarily as one of today's elite online
marketers. What you might not know about Mike G is he has an
extensive background in the corporate world that precedes his
days online.

Mike has built highly successful companies from the ground up.
He even sold one of his more successful ventures to AT&T years
ago for millions! What Mike G "touches" turns to gold. And
through the Media Sales Division he's going to "touch" your
business too!

One of the main things we want you to realize right from the
beginning is that we are going the extra mile for you. We are
doing things that everyone else isn't. We are going to help you
build your business in ways that other companies don't and

Maybe today's update helps you to better understand our comment
from last week's update - "You got yourself involved in a whole
new league of product ingenuity and business opportunity when
you enrolled into our Pre-launch."

The time is coming soon. Are you preparing?

NOW is the time to get the word to the masses. Share your web
site with anyone and everyone. And do it fast! We don't know
when exactly in May we will be ready to launch, but the day is

Log into your back office . You will find banners you can use, pre-written email content, and an
email facility that will send a pre-written Pre-launch
advertisement on your behalf to your personal address book.

This one is going to be BIG!

The PreLaunchInvitation / InvitationToJoin Team


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