Prelaunchinvitation Update #2


A short while back we had just opened the Pre-Launch flood gates
and within 72 hours we sent you an email stating "We're already
up to 6,386 Pre-launch Members. This is BIG!"

Hopefully you got that exciting email. And now, to update you
once more... guess how many members we are up to as of RIGHT

8,000? Higher. 12,000? Higher. 15,000? Higher! 20,000? HIGHER!!

As of this very moment a grand total of 21,204 Members have
enrolled for what many are saying is going to be the
"Opportunity Launch of the Year!"

Have you logged into the Pre-launch Members site yet? Have you
see those people below you in the matrix? Those people are money
Sheilah! And as this pre-launch continues to explode across the
web worldwide, more and more people can be positioned below you,
lining your pockets with easy commission checks!

Join the club in getting the word out to anyone and everyone.
Work as fast as you can. We have provided you with two powerful
web sites to help you do just that. You can find additional
details about these two personal sites of yours in the back

Just in case you missed our last announcement, or perhaps you
joined just recently, we want to repeat a few key points to
answer the common question of "What is this all about?"

The amazing product is our own patent pending formula. We are
the only ones in the world who can offer it. It will be offered
worldwide. And our slogan is:

"A Nutritional Supplement The World Has Been Waiting For!"

It will be awesome! The science is there, the studies are there,
the demand is there, and YOU will be the first to offer it to the
world. And get this...

We're letting you offer it on a Risk Free trial basis!

That's right... you don't even have to sell anything!
You will be able to earn MASSIVE commission checks by using our
proven online system to GIVE AWAY FREE TRIALS of our patent
pending formula the world has been waiting for!

While you are working, playing, or sleeping, our system will be
handing out free trials on your behalf, making you money!

Its even better though.... the home business opportunity is

 No cost to join, no cost to qualify.

 All we ever ask is use the products and spread the word. That's
it! And we provide you all the necessary tools to do just that.

Once again, please keep an eye out for important emails from us
this month as we get closer to the Launch. To ensure you get
these emails please add our email address to your address book
or list of approved senders.

This one is going to be BIG!

The PreLaunchInvitation / InvitationToJoin Team

Get you FREE account here


Pixie 6/18/2010  


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