Oleia oil has healing effects?


(The Philippine Star) 

MANILA, Philippines - Nap Gutierrez swears by this.
A lot of people are fast discovering the natural “healing effects” of Oleia, a topical oil for body pains, inflammations and other sicknesses.

Nap claims that basketball players and showbiz people have been using Oleia and have found “instant results” when in pain or bothered by inflammation. He says an advertisement featuring popular collegiate basketball players endorsing Oleia is also in the works.

Here are other testimonials:
Precy Bilog of Pineda St., Signal Village in Taguig City said that doctors at a popular hospital in Makati discovered a cyst behind her knee. “They said it’s already 3cm in diameter and they told me it’s called baker’s cyst. I was afraid to go on a surgery. Last February, I started to use Oleia and rubbed it three to four times a day in the area where the cyst was. After three weeks, the cyst was gone. It was really amazing.”
Leny Cabiso of Macatoc, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, says that since college, she has been suffering from severe back pains and has found it hard to urinate because of urinary tract infection. “A friend introduced me to Oleia, I tried using it for my massage and in an instant, my back pains were gone and I suddenly found much relief when I urinate.”

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Source : http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=686748&publicationSubCategoryId=70


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