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WINS Certificate of Incorporation
World Intensity Network Solutions Inc., also known as WINS, is a 100% Filipino-owned company that was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 1, 2011. WINS's management team is composed of the finest entrepreneurs with proven track records as pioneers in the field of Network Marketing and Internet Technology in the country since the year 2000.
WINS is a Direct Selling and Network Marketing company engaged in the distribution and retailing of high quality health and wellness products using an innovative and sophisticated on-line business platform. WINS recognizes the intrinsic power and opportunity of two proven industries; the Internet and Network Marketing, and so the company harnessed the e-commerce and global networking potentials of the Internet to distribute these products to their customers and at the same time, providing them with business opportunities as they promote WINS's products to the world.
WINS has joined forces with Vita Herbs Philippines as our manufacturing partner, to ensure we only provide proven quality health and wellness products.


Business Opportunity

How to become a WINS Distributor

Just purchase any of the Intensity Kits priced at Php 2,880.00 each:

Join Us Now!

  1. Intensity Kit
    Brazilian Coffee KitBrazilian Coffee Kit14 boxes
    Brazilian Slimming KitBrazilian Slimming Kit12 boxes
    Brazilian Wheatgrass KitBrazilian Wheatgrass Chocolate Coffee Kit12 boxes
    MyC Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate KitMyC Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate Kit3 boxes
    Energy-C Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate KitEnergy-C Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate Kit3 boxes
    Scalar Energy Pendant KitScalar Energy Pendant Kit1 pc.
    Scalar Energy Bracelet KitScalar Energy Bracelet Kit2 pcs.
    Scalar Energy Ring KitScalar Energy Ring Kit2 pcs.
    Brazilian Coffee MixBrazilian Coffee Mix4 boxes
    All Intensity Kits include a DVD Product presentation, brochures and marketing materials.

    Direct Selling

    Once you become a World Intensity Network Solutions (WINS) Distributor, you can earn up to 50% by retailing our products.
    Product Price
    Product NameSuggested Retail PriceDistributor's Price
    Brazilian 8 in 1 CoffeePhp 150Php 90
    Brazilian Slimming CoffeePhp 250Php 120
    Brazilian Wheatgrass CofeePhp 200Php 105
    Brazilian Malunggay CoffeePhp 150Php 100
    Brazilian 6 in 1 ChocolatePhp 150Php 90
    MyC Sodium AscorbatePhp 750Php 500
    Energy C Calcium AscorbatePhp 750Php 500
    Agaricus Capsules 500mg (30capsules)Php 900Php 600
    Malunggay Capsules 500mg (30capsules)Php 700Php 400
    LifePlus Grapeseed Oil Extract 1000mg (30capsules)Php 1,000Php 580

    Direct Sales Commission

    You will earn Php 1,000.00* sales commission just by inviting a friend to be a World Intensity Network Solutions (WINS) Distributor

    Sales Match

    Our sophisticated WINS Tracking System allows our Distributors to create two sales groups in his/her network from which a corresponding Sales Match commission is paid to the Distributor for every sales match of an Intensity Kit sold from both groups.
    For every Sales Match, you will have an additional Php 200.00* commission.
    Once your left group matches to your right group, the WINS system will automatically count the number of matches every cut off time, and compute your commission.
    Example 1:
    Left GroupRight GroupTotal Match
    20 intensity kits10 intensity kits10 matches
    15 intensity kits15 intensity kits15 matches
    A maximum of 20 matches per cut off time is allowed.

    20 matches x 200.00 = Php 4,000.00* per cut off time
    Your commission will be transferred to your E-Wallet every cut off time. There are 4 cut off times per day: 6:00 am, 12:00 noon, 6:00 pm and 12:00 midnight.
    Duration12mn – 6am6am – 12nn12nn – 6pm6pm – 12mn
    Matches20 matches20 matches20 matches20 matches
    CommissionPhp 4,000.00Php 4,000.00Php 4,000.00Php 4,000.00
    You can earn a maximum total of Php 16,000* per day!

    Unilevel Sales Commission

    WINS unilevel program is up to the 10th level over your direct sales. For every product purchased by any individual under your network up to the 10th Level of Sponsorship, there is a corresponding amount of commission.
    Product NameUnilevel Commission* up to 10 levels
    Brazilian 8 in 1 CoffeePhp 1.00
    Brazilian Slimming CoffeePhp 1.00
    Brazilian Wheatgrass CoffeePhp 1.00
    Brazilian Malunggay CoffeePhp 1.00
    Brazilian 6 in 1 ChocolatePhp 1.00
    MyC Sodium AscorbatePhp 15.00
    Energy-C Calcium AscorbatePhp 15.00
    Grapeseed Oil ExtractPhp 15.00
    Scalar Energy PendantPhp 50.00
    Scalar Energy BraceletPhp 40.00
    Scalar Energy RingPhp 30.00



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