Autoxten BEST “Feeder Program


It’s the BEST “Feeder Program”
we’ve EVER put together.
The product is absolutely legitimate
and HIGH value internet marketing tools.
No time to go through it all right now.
Turn your $10 bucks to $198k…
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But Wait…Believe it Or Not…WE ARE NOT DONE YET!

  • You will receive a 50% MATCHING BONUS on all of the matrix earnings of those YOU PERSONALLY SPONSOR!
  • You will receive an ADDITIONAL 50% MATCHING BONUS on all of the matrix earnings of those YOUR PERSONALLY SPONSORED PEOPLE SPONSOR

Additional Important Points About Our Compensation Plan

  • You may choose to enter PHASE 1 by immediately qualifying for ALL levels by paying for EACH level for a total of $150
  • If you choose NOT to enter PHASE 1 by immediately qualifying for ALL levels, you will be AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADED to the next level from your earnings of your current level! For example: Once you have 4 sales on level 1 for a total of $40 in earnings, we will take $20 out of your earnings to UPGRADE you to level 2. This will continue until you reach level 4 and are qualified to receive commissions on ALL levels.
  • As you are AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADED to each Tier, you will receive ADDITIONAL products and training!
  • You may NOT enter PHASE 2 until you have completed PHASE 1 at least once.
  • When you complete your PHASE 1 matrix, you will be AUTOMATICALLY entered into PHASE 2 AND ANOTHER PHASE 1 matrix will be created on your behalf and you will fall in the next open position in your sponsor’s current PHASE 1 matrix!
  • If the selling member receiving a commission payment is not at the same Tier level or above of the member who is upgrading, they are NOT qualified. The software will look upline of the originally targeted member for the first member who is QUALIFIED. Once found, that member will receive the commission and their sponsor receives any paid Matching Bonus!
Autoxten Founders Team



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