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I wanted to let you know about a POWERFUL new marketing system that is about to see people FLOCK to get it...

Did you know that the #1 reason why 95% of network marketers fail is because they lack duplication and mentoring?

Lack of duplication is like a DISEASE in our industry and something needs to be done!

Introducing... Swom!

It stands for 'Super World of Marketing' and it's set to ROCK the industry!

This system will work for you 24/7 for ANY & ALL of your opportunities!

It also generates prospects and leads for you like there's no tomorrow.

Get your pre-launch position right now free!

But hurry... before your downline beats you to it!

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Anonymous 2/26/2010  

swom will turn out to be the next scam.
support is not provided, cancellation of membership is not possible, let alone cancellation of payment. the payment is taken by a company called vocalix technologies ltd. neither support tickets nor email to the support email address are answered.
why is everybody talking "i earned already... so and so much"? no one has seen any money yet.
and it is very doubtfull that somebody ever will.
apart from jack whitehall of course. the founder.
but that is what makes it to scam.

SWOMNET 4/23/2010  

well it works very well for me, and I did got paid, you can check the proof on my blog: http://swomnet.com. They had issues, but they are improving every day and I personally find it a very useful marketing tool....

Anonymous 7/15/2010  

SWOM is definately not a scam.

Many thousands of people have now been paid month after month.

A great way to get ahead on swom is to add lots of contacts, I used swom bot at http://www.swombot.com and it worked great.


Lowel 8/26/2010  

Swom Rocks, over 100k marketers joined since february 2010

Surf 10/10/2010  

Swom Is The Best Social Site I Have Ever Seen Its SwomTastic :)

Its That Good I Built This Simple Quick Loading Promotional Page With Language Translation ;)


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