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WELA (Old English for Wealth) was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced internet entrepreneurs who came together to create a company that would truly provide a way to INCREASE it's members wealth. As Independent business owners (IBO's) our members are looking for tools and strategies to put more "cash flow" in their lives, which is exactly why we started WELA. As internet marketers, we will always be searching for products and services that are relative and beneficial to our members.

WELA's Management Team :

John Penny
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Burgard
Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Mark Gullett
Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

Why Wela/Slimberry?

John Penny, President and CEO, has created a company that has THE 3 THINGS  that must be in place for a company to be successful and offer a serious income opportunity:

1. Must have a unique product that meets a need or a want by millions of people.

2. The product must be consumable and affordable by the masses.

3. The opportunity must be easy to duplicate by the masses.
    Building this business is as simple as referring people to your turnkey website, or plugging into the advertising coop and letting us take care of that for you

SlimBerry is made from the Acai berry, which has been called a “super food” by such nationally known names as Dr. Perricone.  The Acai berry has also been featured on the Today Show and written about in The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.
The Acai berry resembles a blueberry somewhat but is MORE delicious and MORE nutritious.  It has a delectable chocolate undertone to it with a tangy/sweet overtone that resembles the taste of blueberries or really ripe raspberries.  Now, who DOESN’T like berries dipped in chocolate?  The precious Acai berry is NOT available in supermarkets or grocery stores anywhere, as it is extremely perishable and only flourishes in the Amazon Rain Forest. 
It’s like finding gold when you find a product that is BASED on Acai and Acai alone!
But WAIT, not only does our company provide you with a product that PRACTICALLY sells itself because of its unique properties and significant media “buzz” and attention, we also provide you with a RAPID-FIRE way to possibly make SCADS of money in a short period of time! 
We have developed a system that is nothing short of a cut above all the old ‘horse and buggy systems” that other companies are using today. 

Our system uses just two legs to generate MASSIVE income with an unlimited depth Pay Plan that carries with it the ability to produce an absolutely life-changing Residual Income Stream!


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I am happy that I learn something new.
Awesome way of expressing your ideas. You are my favourite. I will be sharing this info on my facebook page with my friend and relatives. Thanks

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