RevUp31 uses Trans Resveretrol


The Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed) is one of the two sources of Resveratrol we use. Our other source is an extraction from red wine itself.

It is some of the purest and most potent resveratrol in the marketplace.  When you purchase Resveratrol raw material, it can come in all standards of purity.  What is important for Resveratrol potency is the actual standardization of the Resveratrol molecules themselves.  The Resveratrol that we use is Polygonum cuspidatum (98% standardized Resveratrol). This is considerably more expensive and considerably higher potency than the common 20% or 5% standardized extracts.

Rev Up 31 only uses the highest purity of TRANS - RESVERATROL on the market. People often ask if we use Trans or CIS. Trans and CIS only refer to how the chemical bond of the individual resveratrol molecules are formed.  Here are highlights
        A) Isomers are molecules that have the same formula ... but a different arrangement when the individual molecules are bonded together
        B) Trans - Isomers ... have the common molecule on opposite sides of the bond
        C) Cis - Isomers ... have the common molecule on the same side of the bond
        D) due to the fact that the bonds themselves are not perfectly symetical when "twisted" ... the Resveratrol Isomers are actually called a "stereoisomer".

There has never been a single study done showing that there is a physiological difference between the benefit of Resveratrol that is bonded in the Trans - Isomer configuration and Resveratrol that is bonded in the Cis-Isomer configuration.

However, in nature, the Resveratrol bonds are commonly found in the Trans-Isomer configuration.
The bottom line is RevUp31 uses Trans Resveretrol and we know that most Resveratrol found in both Red Wine and in Polygonum cuspidatum is Trans Resveratrol.

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