West Finance 2010 Resolution Even higher Bonuses: Free $50 Sign-Up Deposit


Yes, you’ve read it right, we are giving away $50 Freely to all New clients signing up, till the 31st of March 2010. A few seconds after you complete the short, online sign-up form, you not only have $50 in your account, but you also start receiving dividends on it the next business day!

If, within 60 days of becoming a member, you activate your account by depositing at least $150 of your own money to your managed forex account, then you are entitled to keep any dividends that has already been paid and all future dividend payments on the sign-up bonus.

By upgrading your account to Active status, you will be able to withdraw dividends paid on the $50 bonus deposit, and withdraw referral earnings too.

Remember, however, you are never obligated to place any money into your account.  If you don't activate your account within the first 60 days, nothing terrible happens.  The $50 and dividends accumulated simply go away.  Afterwards, you're still welcome to place an investment if you so choose, but without the benefit of the bonus.

The $50 bonus is given to you as a "demo deposit", so that you can watch your account grow and see how our program works.  As a bona fide investment to the program, it has the same 120 calendar day term as any deposit you make with your own money.  And just like any other investment to our managed forex fund, at the end of 120 days, the $50 is paid back to your account because it's your money.

You may roll any mature deposit into a new 120-day deposit to continue collecting interest on it for another four months.  The choice is entirely yours.  This "Auto-rollover" feature may be repeated as many times as you like, enabling you to enjoy continuous earnings if that's what you want.

Although we're not talking about an astronomical amount of money, if you put a pencil to it, you'll see our gift is quite generous.  With the $50 bonus, the net income on the first $50 you've gained will be actually 321.12 % - and that's in just four months (120 days), not a year.  And it's pure profit, because your $50 principal is returned to you on top of that!

We didn’t forget our established account members
Applicable to All West Finance managed forex accounts, for a one-time deposit of $500 or more made till the 31st March 2010, a 7% Add-on Bonus will be instantly added to your deposit amount.

Does Rollover deposit qualify for the 7% bonus?
No, The add-on deposit bonus does not apply to Rollover deposits.
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Date: March 23, 2010 10:17:32 AM
Amount Sent: $6.00 USD
Sender Name: West Finance Ltd
Sender Email: support@west-finance.com
Reference Number: A8BBC-569D4-3450C


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