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Here are further details about the PRELAUNCHINVITATION opportunity/product:

Discover the most explosive, free business opportunity the world has ever seen.

It's based upon an exciting new technology, and, my product is not only trademarked, it is patent pending. We will have it exclusively in the marketplace but that's just the tip of the iceberg. We will make this product available globally, and we need to make it available to everyone everywhere, and do you know why?...

Because everyone is going to want it. It's the widest mass appeal product you can imagine. Sorry, I'm not going to tip my hat and tell you what this product is and what it does. You'll have a chance later to get a sample of it absolutely free... but for now, hear me out.

Part of our marketing plan, a plan which is also totally unique in the world, is this:

You can actually give away free samples of this product, giving your customer a chance to try it before they buy it. This is huge!

Every person everywhere that you give this product to automatically qualifies to be part of the compensation plan with no additional expense.
Are you excited yet? Hang on...

This is not going to be one of those outrageously expensive business opportunities where you get to select bronze, silver, gold, yadda, yadda, and you have to pay a lot of money for each position. Nonsense! Those plans have their place, but not here, not with this product. My goal with this product is to get it into every living person's hands to totally enhance their life for them. And I'm going to do that not only by letting them have a free sample of it, but I'm going to do it by letting everyone and anyone join the business opportunity at no cost.

And get this...

We even have a retail division, with major retailers already lined up. When an offline customer purchases the product, they will also be able to reorder online. And when they do, they'll go into the matrix somewhere above you, or below you... it's all good for you...

But there is more...

We have several CPA networks lined up to sell this incredible product. And when their customers purchase, they too will go into the matrix somewhere above you or below you. This is good for you also because all corporate marketing efforts fill the matrix from top to bottom, left to right... just get in!

Get in Now, my 3x7 matrix is almost full, Get massive spillovers from my team


scott 7/07/2010  

Hi, I just wanted to say your blog looks good,but who are you?? ....scott

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