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Ever since I got introduced to the Internet and E-mail, I was bombarded with messages offering home-based businesses and employment opportunities which supposedly I can do from home. Being a newbie, and having no one to guide me, I got scammed several times - lost a lot of money and wasted a lot of time and effort trying to make a go of it. However, a year later, I wised up and I quickly learned how to tell a scam from a legitimate opportunity. But, then, I keep learning about people who are being robbed of their hard-earned money. Thus, I decided to create this website to help people discover true income earning opportunities available in the Net today.
What's in here?

Work At Home Jobs

From time to time, I will be posting here legitimate work at home jobs which I have gathered from my own Internet research. Some of these companies are hiring continuously and some just need people temporarily. I am not, however, 100% positive that these jobs are legitimate, so, if ever you've had any negative experience with any of these companies, I would be very much grateful if you could please drop me a note.

Home-Based/Internet-Based Businesses/Affiliate Programs

Contrary to public opinion, not all home-based businesses are scams. There are lots of them which are legitimate and which actually pays money. How did I know that? Well, because I've been involved with some...In the beginning, I lost a few dollars, but later on, I learned how to choose winners.

Clickbank is the online retail outlet for 10,000 digital product publishers and their 100,000 active affiliates. We've paid our clients on time, every time, for 10 years. Over $1 billion thus far. Now with weekly payouts!

Paydotcom is Free To Join. Pays Directly To Your Merchant Account.
Sell Physical Products and Digital Products.

Continuous Hiring…WAH Jobs

* ClickNwork – Available internationally. Current needs: Information professionals, web searchers, writers, trend spotters

Interested? Send you resume to

Qualifications: Graduate of business related course.
Ubiqus – International. Jobs available : Legal/ Corporate Transcriptionists, Medical Transcriptionist, Summary Writer, Medical Summary Writer, Translator, Interpreter, Foreign Language Transcriptionist, Audio Technician, etc.


agentmango 2/24/2009  

hello lowel, dropping by to visit your blog. keep on posting daily and after few months your blog will be indexed on google. goodluck on your venture.

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