EPX Body a new MLM Company


EPX Body a new MLM company just launched!

EPX BODY Founders
Dan Putman – CEO/President
Matthew Miller – Corporate Vice President
EPX BODY Products
EPX BODY Products

EPX BODY CARDIO -Clinically proven to help FIGHT HEART DISEASE (The World’s Number #1 Killer); Helps maintain proper nitric oxide levels in the blood stream. ( EPX Body Cardio is an important advancement in the fight against: High Blood Pressure; Stroke; Cholesterol; Heart Attack; Loss of Sex Drive; Poor Circulation and much,much, more…)
-EPX BODY BURN -Clinically proven to melt away 12Lbs & 2 inches from your waist in 28 days. (Ingredients endorsed by Celebrity Dr.OZ.)
-EPX BODY DETOX (100% Organic)
EPX BODY Enhance
-EPX BODY ENHANCE – Sexual Health
(More EPX BODY Products to Come…)

EPX BODY Compensation Plan
6 Ways to Earn
1. Customer Bonus – Earn a 50% cash bonus every time you sign up someone
with a minimum $40 product purchase.
2.Fast Start Bonus – Earn a 50% cash bonus every time you sign up someone
with a minimum $40 minimum product purchase.
3.Guaranteed Minimum Check – Get your product free by enrolling as few as
four people with just a $40 purchase. Guaranteed Income! Sponsor 5 people
with your first 30 days and maintain at least 2 active for 6 months and they
Guarantee that you will be earning at Least $1000 per month or they will refund
your money.
4.Monthly Commission – Earn commission on all purchases made in your
entire group whether they are made by someone you personally signed
up or by anybody else in your matrix.
5. Matching Bonus – Earn a 25% check match on everyone you personally
Sponsor and earn a 12% check match on 4 generations of Executives.
6. Rank Advancement Bonus – Cash Bonus


EPX Body 3/10/2012  

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Earn at home 3/15/2012  

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Admin 3/22/2012  

Thanks for dropping by..

EPX Body 3/22/2012  

EPX Body a new MLM Company is looking for MLM Pioneers to start up in their area. Email support@epx-body.com

Bridal Cars Manila 3/28/2012  

I want to try this one !

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