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GLOBAL TOUR CLUB is a company based out of Seychelles. Seychelles is a wonderful and most desired destination for holidays. We are poised to become one of the leading multinational companies dedicated to bring today?s consumers, the most modern, superior travel and hospitality products as well as the biggest holiday based income generator across the globe.
GTC is a visionary company having over 15 years expertise in the network marketing industry and we are the pioneers in introducing the most revolutionary compensation plan which will turn the network marketing industry in the right way. We have used the internet technology to develop the most sophisticated online system which allows our traveler member to run and manage their business from anywhere and at any time.
Travel Packages, Domestic and International.
Compensation Plan
GLOBAL TOUR CLUB is the platform from which you capitalize on the 3 fastest growing business concepts in the world and is a great alternative to the expensive time share ownership.
1. Travel
2. Internet Based Entrepreneurship
3. Network Marketing System
Travel and network marketing and home based business (entrepreneurship) are the 3 of the worlds strongest and fastest growing industries.
Travel industry sells products everyone wants and desires. People all over the world love to travel and enjoy luxury vacations. Travel products sell well even without network marketing. Also a lot of people would love to travel the world for free and enjoy vacation, but do not know how.
At GTC we show you how. It is exactly one of the reasons you should become a member today.
Travel industry is the largest industry in the world. It generates over $7 trillion a year and is growing at the rate of 10 percent each year. With an industry this large and growing a travel / network marketing company like GTC is sure to capture a small percentage.
Network marketing with internet technology is leading the transformation in the travel industry. Literally.
Transformation in the way people buy and sell travel products and services, thanks to the internet. The internet represents over 70 percent of travel industry. It is now easier for people to start their own travel business with a few dollars utilizing the resource tools and training provided.
GTC pay plan shows you a path through which you can chase your dreams and determine the lifestyle you want. The marketing plan puts you in control, allowing you the flexibility to work where and when you want, leaving you time for your family and friends, as well as the opportunity to earn a good income.
GTC marketing plan integrates 3 of the most widely used commission systems in the world, to provide the traveller members a very lucrative commission structure.
1. Team Building Commission
2. Team Matching Commission
3. Team Performance Bonus
GTC have created a platform which makes travel simple, seeks out the best deals, gives you credible value additions and discounts and best of all, allows you to earn a generate substantial income.


Ranny Baldonaza 4/15/2012  

Hi I am a member of GTC in Manila. If you want help, please contact me: +639058659208.

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