Talk Fusion,GREAT opportunity for you to take advantage


I have some really good news to share, and GREAT opportunity for you to take advantage of “first mover advantage!”

It’s possible that you’ve heard of Talk Fusion in the past, but have you looked at what is happening to this company recently? This is probably the hottest opportunity of 2011 for several big reasons! I’m hoping to lay them out for you in this email.

I honestly see this as flat out the “best deal” in marketing tools in the entire market today; AND with the most exciting compensation plan as well. I kid you not. Take note and you will “see the big picture” quick!
Consider the following:

It’s Global! In over 90+ countries world-wide including all the countries you’d ever think of marketing to! Think GLOBAL! (Will be in 160 countries by Spring 2011.)
Amazingly simple “1&1 binary” Super Lucrative pay plan! Pays Infinite Levels Deep ~ Earn up to $75 for every 2 people who come onto your team world-wide! ($25, $50, or $75! over and over and over!)
For the first time ever: GLOBAL INSTANT PAY! Just launched in mid Oct 2010 — since then is exploding around the world!

The product is totally electronic. No pills, no potions, just fantastic online marketing tools that are 100% top notch. It appeals to all sorts of businesses and people – not just network marketers: Use for ANY Business!
Tons of brick & mortar businesses use these products; doctors, realtors, restaurants, radio stations, all sorts!
Top quality video technology — Talk Fusion is already the 8th largest Video Company in the world!
Very LOW monthly price ~just $20~ for incredible technology that will transform any marketers life – I kid you not .

(Even non-marketers are growing their business with these great tools!)
The pay plan is simply amazing! You get paid INSTANTLY from anywhere in the world. Yes, INSTANTLY. Example: My upline has gone from $350/week to $20K per week in just 16 weeks!! I’ve never seen that before — Ever! This is going to explode in 2011 because it is the first ever “GLOBAL INSTANT PAY PLAN” in the industry.]

Don’t wait for tomorrow to get paid — get paid RIGHT NOW!
This is without question the fastest, easiest, and most exciting binary pay plan ever conceived! I have been in this business building teams for 15 years — I have never seen anything that is growing like this. . . You get paid within two minutes of a sale taking place anywhere in the world on your team — infinite levels deep!
Am I clear on that?

How? The company issues every new member a Global Cash Card — then they load it instantly whenever you get paid. Just go to any ATM machine and withdraw your money!
**Your Opportunity: I am just beginning to build my team and anyone joining with me NOW will have a big advantage going forward!

Now is the time to get positioned to take advantage of this in 2011 — be a part of something really exciting, fun, and profitable — you’ll love “instant pay” once you taste it — there is nothing like this out there — anywhere!

This is your chance to be in the right place at the right time for REAL for once!

Okay — there are 2 things you can do right now:
1) Get in before anyone else does by going here: Click here - Click on “JOIN” in upper Right!
2) Take the full tour here – no opt-in required: (Tour here)
This is a huge income opportunity and is going to be my focus for the next 6 months at least! I hope you choose to get on board today to take advantage of what is going to come!

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