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In today's economy everyone WANTS a vacation and everyone NEEDS to getaway... but now they can afford to do both! Chose from hundreds of exciting Getaways starting at just $99- from full weeklong family vacations at 3 and 4 star resorts to 3 night golf excursions at top rated courses or just an overnight romantic stay for 2 with deluxe spa- Whatever you choose, now you can finally GETAWAY from it all for as little as $99!
Just imagine what happens when you combine an exclusive lifestyle product that everyone;
That everyone loves and desires,
That has No Monthly fees,
That leverages a Simple but yet Powerful, Proven and Highly Lucrative System
That's powered by a debt-free global multi-mullion dollar company with thousands of members worldwide?
You get a global Company, that's got unstoppable vertical growth, that's' changing the lifestyles of thousands of people and creating wealth for those taking advantage of the momentum.
Welcome to 99Getaways.com the next Big Giant in the Direct Selling Industry, an exclusive product and opportunity powered by an industry giant Dream Style Vacations.
You are about to discover a revolutionary out of the box global system that will change the way you look at creating wealth, Time Freedom and Prosperity for years to come, that can create you a six figure income from the comforts of your own home!
Discover how our Distributors from all walks of life are making thousands of dollars a month and many thousands of dollars daily with our simple and effective system which is changing the entire industry.
1000's of Real People in 30+ Countries are Earning Quiet Fortunes From Home, countries such as USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Spain, UK, New Zealand, So. Africa, Australia, Philippines and many others...
Proven Fact: With the rapid expansion of technology and the internet, the internet has produced more Millionaires than any other industry to date and studies have shown and proven that Online Companies can become 100 Million even Billion Dollar Businesses within two years; which brick and mortar companies have traditionally taken decades to achieve.
99Getaways.com is a Dream Style Vacations brand, who is an emerging Company that possesses the product, compensation plan, team and most importantly the vision to sustain momentum, and become the next 100 million dollar success story. This is where legacy incomes and substantial wealth are created. With our powerful automated marketing system, you can explode your Home Based Business to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and claim your success.

Look around at all the success stories, it’s a fact that people and companies capitalizing on the latest trends make much more than those who try to reinvent the wheel. As a global debt free company and the first real mover in the marketplace, establishing ourselves as the Category Creator with our Exclusive 99Getaways.com product. Our exclusive and affordable travel and leisure product has created an entirely new multi-billion dollar product category.
99Getaways has combined the three most growing and popular trends today to form a Powerful and Highly Lucrative Business concept which leverages the power of each one of them.
8 Trillion Dollar Travel Industry
The Power of The Internet
The Multi Billion Dollar Home Based Business Industry
Your 99Getaways Membership Benefits Include
And when you combine these three powerful trends with a proven global multimillion dollar debt free company....You are sure to have success and achieve your Financial Freedom and the Lifestyle you deserve!

• Access to Hundreds of Getaways for as Little as $99…
• Access to special Hot Weeks resort packages
• One click access to discounted travel deals
• Savings Up to 80% on over 5,000+ Luxury Resorts around the world!
• Savings of AT LEAST $200-$400 Off Preferred Pricing on over 5,000 Resorts in 150 plus countries
• Self Replicating Personalized Website
• Virtual Office to manage your Business

Are You Excited? Getting The Big Picture Now?
You should be! You see why this is considered one of the most refreshing and lucrative opportunities of the decade. A Real Company with a Real Product with REAL PEOPLE WORLDWIDE creating Thousand Dollar Paydays Monthly, Weekly, even Multiple Times Daily, month-after-month, year-after-year.
Can you see yourself...having a Business that lets you set your own hours, the people you work with from your home, mountains, or even the beaches of the world and most importantly, the freedom to earn unlimited income with the efforts you put into the business. 99Getaways.com gives you the real opportunity and a lifestyle which millions of people across the globe only dream of!
You have Right Now only if you seize this opportunity the power to create a serious six figure even seven figure income, regardless of your age, level of experience, or background. Isn’t it the time to go from unsure... to unstoppable?
Position yourself today ahead of these Powerful Trends and position yourself to Cash-Inn on our amazing system and revolutionary marketing concepts! 

Combine a One-Time $250 Product Purchase… No Monthly Fees or Autoships with a proven global multi-million dollar debt free company, coupled with the three Fastest Growing Trends today...


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