News from WELA, Congrats those who Ranked Advanced!



WELA Rank Advancements
August 19 Bonus Run Achievements

Congratulations to the following individuals (IBO's) who advanced to a Silver Rank and Gold
with WELA last week! Good job and keep up the good work!

Our Newest Gold Ranks...Awesome!
Gold Bird

Dana Glover
Lowel Magdadaro

Our Newest Silver Ranks...Congratulations!

Dawn Freed            Michael McNeil
Donna Lea              Dean England
Juanita Ballow         Mike Glaspie
Thomas Horton        Rachel Long
Robert West             Success4 Life Team
Menard Oulnosa       Nicola Thomson                    
Darmawan Jumalla   Paul Galloway
Ng Sing Thiang         Chris Lawton
Ben Chico                 Manjit Biant
Alferd Ford                Sven Oberlaender
Maryjane Pedrano      Ken Burwen
Julia Sheffield            Owen Brown
Russell Westwood       Linda Gates
Tom Wilkerson            
Jennifer King                    
Bobbi Barras          
Michael Shaw             
Dr. Idris Modi                    

Massive Success and God Bless!


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