Oh Schnaap! JUST Launched!.. PAYING NOW


= > You just need TWO to cycle! < =

and those 2 can come from:
- you,
- below you,
- above you,
- flow-up effect and
- additional filler positions.

The first FULLY Integrated Marketing Network
AND WICKED Income Generator!

This Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny 2x1 Matrix
will have you saying... OH SCHNAAP!

- Earn $15 every time your 2 matrix positions fill.
- FREE re-entry (over and over)
- Earn $7.50 every time a referral cycles
- THEY follow YOU every re-entry.
- Additional Filler Positions each month
- FLOW-UP effect *****

***** The Flow-Up effect takes Schnaap from

Once you Schnaap-In, the money just won't quit!

= > Let's face it, Schnaap is a BEAST! < =

Hurry up and Register FREE now - then
watch the video on the next page:

There's a TON of marketing programs
under the Schnaap Umbrella to help you
build ANY program you promote.


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