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Nutronix International’s mission is to provide the highest quality sanitary pads and improve women’s health and comfort.

Lady Anion pads are a new generation of sanitary pads with the far infrared rays and anion chip; they are your well-being perspective.

Lady Anion sanitary pads normalize vaginal pH and stop the spread of microbial, viral and fungal infections.

Lady Anion sanitary pads with the far infrared rays and anion chip have six main characteristics that make them unique:

• Absorbs liquid more quickly and retain the dry surface
• Hamper the growth of microorganisms inside the lining
• Protect from skin redness, itching and unpleasant odor
• Strengthen the local mucous membrane immunity
• Permeable to air and allow the skin to breathe
• Thin, soft, gentle and very comfortable to wear

The unique sealed packaging and individual package of every pad protects them from accessing moisture and microorganisms.

The far-infrared rays and anion chip is set in the cotton layer of sanitary napkins by the high-tech (invention patent number.: 200510076755).

Ultimate Feminine Hygiene Pack:

This complete feminine hygiene package includes Lady Anion, Atria All-Purpose Cleanser and Silver Gel.

Atria All-Purpose Cleanser: This non-irritating, non-drying soft gel cleanser reduces inflammation and odor while promoting normal vaginal pH levels. More than just a feminine product, All-Purpose Cleanser is a complete body wash for men and women. Use from head to toe as a shampoo, body cleanser and shave gel. Reduces razor burn and in-grown hairs, while leaving skin feeling like velvet. To learn more about the entire Atria skincare line, click here


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