Heads up on a new company that is scheduled to launch on December 1 or 2.



“A new global company will enter the home based business arena in December 2, 2009 and you can be one of the first to join…so don’t hesitate! If you are a good leader and builder and share this with your team right away before someone else does…then you have more potential to have a bigger team
…Timing is Crucial”
What are the advantages of filling out this site?

* You can register on this website for free but you are not signing up with the company. This as an update for you to help “pre-build an early bird team mailing list” for this launch that is targeted for sometime in December 2, 2009. So when the company launches you have a team ready to go with you after you join with your sponsor who will also send you the sign up link after he signs up with his sponsor and so on. So “signing up here doesn’t give you a position in the company” but will help you prepare your personal contacts so they can do the same with their contacts and so on to infinity.

What is the Payplan?

* 3×7 Matrix – No sponsoring required to earn to Level 5
* Around 4.2k monthly payout
* Fast Start Bonus
* 2 Generations of “Fast Start Matching Bonuses”
* 2 Generations of “Residual Matching Bonus”
* and probably more…

No physical product to ship …so this will be global right away. The sky’s the limit! Don’t hesitate! Start pre-building your TEAM NOW!

Do we get a marketing system?

* YES! Everyone gets a powerline turnkey marketing system with several different HIGH QUALITY SUPER DESIGNED lead capture pages, that has proven itself to be one of the best systems to build a huge downline.

Is this a global opportunity?

* YES! And everyone with a Visa or Master Card can join. No matter what country. You MUST have a Visa or MasterCard. If not, ask a family member, a friend etc. so you can join the day it launches and not miss out on early positioning.

Who are the owners?

* We have known them for many years and they have proven themselves over and over again to be one of the best and most trustworthy business opportunity creators in the past years on the internet. No need to wonder or worry if you are going to get paid or not. THIS IS A SURE THING!!

Is there a website we can look at it before launch?

* No, they never release the website before it has launched and is live. There is no risk, as you can take a free spot. Of course, if you are going to use an autoreponder and a landing page to prebuild your team, you should join as quickly as possible. We will be sending news updates through this mailing list so that you will be aware of the company’s final launching day.

How will we get paid?

* Weekly via Alertpay

Again…why should I sign up with this website?

* Because others are already looking at this website … therefore the buzz is getting out and people are already signing up and are sharing this site with their personal leaders and contacts . Now is the time to take action and “PREPARE YOUR CONTACTS” …get a commitment from them NOW before someone else does!

Even if you are a skeptic …it’s free to join… you have nothing to lose . Make sure to sign up below so that you can immediately be notified upon the official launching on December 2, 2009!

We are looking for the go-getters and leaders NOW and not for whiners and complainers.

Subscribe below so that you will be Notified First Upon launching:

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Anonymous 12/17/2009  

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