I strongly recommend GetResponse!


I've stumbled on a marketing idea that I
really like and I think you too could benefit from it.

It's no secret that pop-ups are everywhere.
Some people find them annoying. Heck, some people
hate them to the point that they install special
software to block them. But one thing cannot be
denied: pop-ups can *still* add dozens, even
hundreds of new subscribers to your mailing
list every day, and be responsible for thousands
of dollars in sales!

Pop-ups are particularly useful when combined with
a follow-up autoresponder system. Quite simply, you
use pop-ups to 'capture' your visitor's name and
email address, and then the sequential autoresponder
"feeds" information to her and close the sale.

This is a simple strategy used by literally every
well known Internet Marketer. Simon Grabowski uses
it. Marlon Sanders uses it. Corey Rudl uses it.
They all do it for a reason: this system generates
great results!

Imagine a follow-up autoresponder that not only
stays in touch with your leads and converts them
to paying customers, but also generates 'stealthy'
pop-ups that don't get killed by pop-up squashers
and sends you waves of new subscribers, every day!

GetResponse, the largest, most reliable and
feature-packed autoresponder on the Internet has
just got even better. Simon and his crew added the
Pop-up Creator that does exactly what I described:
it lets you add unsuppressed pop-ups to your site
and capture more signups, more subscribers and
more leads.

If you would like to put your marketing on an
autopilot AND capitalize on pop-ups, I strongly
recommend GetResponse!

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