Believe in Yourself


Society imposes limits on people based on race, culture, background, education and wealth. But these limits are never impenetrable. In free societies, people frequently outdistance conventional expectations. The son of a postal worker graduates from Harvard. The daughter of a mechanic builds a million-dollar business. How do they do it? Every story is different, but amid the variables you will find at least one common denominator: successful people believe in themselves.

The only cast iron limitations are the ones you impose on yourself. You can never be more than what you believe you can be, so work first on your own belief system. Break the knee-jerk habit of thinking and saying. " I can't" in the face of challenging opportunities. It's been said that success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and a big part of preparation is disciplining your mind to eliminate self-defeating thoughts.

Some people are enthusiastic starters, but fade in the back-stretch. Lacking stamina and endurance, they are ill-prepared for long race. A setback or two sends them limping to the sidelines. How often have you heard. I'll try it for a month, or I'll give it a year and see what happens? Such people begin their journey with one foot already off the path. They are ready to stray, to slow, to meander, to change course before they even start. They begin with defeat built into their mindset.

If you have a history of quitting, please understand this brutally simple aiom: quitting is an option only for the defeated.

Refuse to accept this weak mindset. Believe you can succeed. Release yourself from fears that pollute your thinking and stay your actions. Few goals worth pursuing are easy to achieve, so keep at it, believe in yourself, and your chances for a high-achieving future will flourish.

Create a solid foundation for your dream and pursue each goal with enthusiasm and quiet conviction. Determine basic requirements that must be met to build the future you believe essential. Begin every day working toward that dream, brick by brick. Go to sleep every night examining your progress and planning for the next day's campaign to seize the building blocks needed to finish the dream and make it real.


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