Supercharged LockYourSpot Website Coming This Monday, June 7th


The first two weeks here at LiveSmart 360 have been amazing! Thanks to all of you pioneering leaders who jumped in and got started with a LiveSmart 360 business, we had more than $1 Million in sales our first week.

Over the weekend, enjoy celebrating your success, but also be sure to let everyone know that this Monday, June 7th, the Supercharged will be up and running. is the powerful marketing system that introduced LiveSmart 360 to over 162,000 people around the globe within just a couple of weeks! To generate curiosity and excitement about your LiveSmart 360 business, take advantage and market this amazing Supercharged LockYourSpot FREE 14-day Trial of the LiveSmart 360 system.

This weekend, get the word out using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Grab all those business cards you have gathered over the past few years and let them know that this Monday they’ll see the special offer for the FREE 14-day trial of LiveSmart 360 on Without paying a penny, everyone you introduce to your business gets a personal login to a back office where they can see everyone who signs up after them. You want your prospects to secure their spot and lock in that earning potential for only a $14.99 monthly fee. When they lock in by purchasing the $14.99 per month Smart System, they can start earning from the SmartLine Bonus Pool and get website hosting, a back office business-management pro-version, a replicated website, and a monthly subscription to Success Magazine. People who don’t lock in get dropped down in the SmartLine below those who do. Make sure to act now so that you don’t drop down the line too.

Keep in mind that we will once again completely separate LockYourSpot and LiveSmart360. To get more the details on how the Supercharged LockYourSpot will work, click here to watch our Supercharged LockYourSpot YouTube video.

Put the marketing of your LiveSmart 360 business on autopilot by having work for you. All you need to do is get the word out to Lock Your Spot!


Anonymous 7/06/2010  

livesmart360 is mlm pure company.
everyone know; more 97% fail in this kind of business . Why they ensist?
Only because to sell the products.
and in the end only those the top earn the money.

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