Exciting New 100% Passive Program - Earn 15.00 per hour....See Proof



I think this brand new Passive opportunity is the program I was
looking for. Great way to advertise your main program and earn
money at the same time.

This is NOT a typical Rev Share. This is different. With a
typical Rev Share, at 14% earnings per week, and taking into
account a Hit & Run Clause, it would take you over 14 weeks to
break even.

With this program, you not only have the chance to get your
money back the same day, but you also stand the chance to earn
100% clear profit!!

Read what my sponsor sent me about this program: (The URL is
mine, so you can join immediately using it)
Click here
Make sure my referral id is freedemo

We did exactly that last night and this morning. We tested the
program and can confirm that the system did work, and we did get
paid today. The minimum is just 15.00 dollars.

So, if you have 15.00, we would encourage you to check this out.
If you make a 15.00 purchase today, surfed your required views,
you will earn 30.00. You should receive that within 24 hours,
probably less (ours took about 6 hours). Once you have done
this, you will have your original 15.00 back, and now you can
just continue to re-purchase with your 15.00 profit back into the
program which will continue to earn you 30.00 over and over

If you do this for just 1 hour a day, you can make 105.00 per
week or 420.00 per month.

If you do this for just 2 hours a day, you can make 210.00 per
week or 840.00 per month.

If you do this for 4 hours a day, you can make 420.00 per week
or 1680.00 per month.

How much free time do you have? Do the math, and see if this
program might be something you are looking for.

Again, what really interested us here as how fast you can get
your original money back, plus make a nice profit. That is what
we are always trying to do with these Rev Shares, but it
typically takes a couple months before we are in profit working
that strategy. This program got us in profit within 24 hrs. Now
we are just growing our profits, which is what you try to do with
any program you are in. This just lets you do it much faster.

After just that first withdrawal, again, you could easily
receive that within 24 hrs, you now have your original money back
and are only re-purchasing with profits going forward. You have
no chance to lose money after just that first withdrawal.

We strongly encourage you to take a closer look. For more info,
or to sign up for no cost, please visit here:
Make sure my referral id is freedemo

This is something to get excited about!

If you can click more, then you can make more! They pay daily
as you finish your View Pack campaigns. Again, you DO NOT have
to wait a week to get paid or a month depending on other programs
you might be in. This can and will pay you daily if you finish
your campaigns daily.

The name of this company is Ad Flasher and they started in
August. So they are very new, and we have not seen anyone in the
Rev Share/Passive Industry marketing this one yet. This is brand
new! We have a message into the Admin to see what more we can
find out!

One of the payment processors they use is PayPal. We received
word from our up-line that PayPal is familiar with AdFlasher.net
and they gave them their approval to use PayPal's services. Not
many programs use PayPal because PayPal does not approve just any
program to use their services. So seeing them using PayPal makes
this an even safer decision to get started.

You also may use AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, or Google Checkout.

The minimum that you can withdraw is 30.00. Each View Pack (100
views) is 15.00, and once you complete the full 100 views, you
will have earned 30.00 At that point, your 30.00 will be in a
pending status. It took about 6 hrs for those funds to be moved
fully over to our Available Balance once we completed all of our
views. Once those funds are in your Available Balance, they you
can go ahead and place a withdrawal request.

Like we mentioned, it took about 6 hrs for the funds to move
over to our Available Balance. Once they were in there, our
withdrawal was processed instantly after my request.

Traditional Rev Shares can not offer you profits as quickly as
this. You can be 100% in profit within 24 hrs. From then on
out, you have nothing to gain buy pure profits with no chance of
losing any money. You can grow those profits as big as you want
if you have the time to surf.

Just an hour a day could easily earn you a car payment for the
month or let you pay down the credit card bill or even let you
put some of those earnings in some rev shares to build up your
accounts that way. You have lots of options, but the absolute
best part of this is being able to be in profit within 24 hrs.
Then just repurchase using your profits and grow those profits as
large as you would like.

It just takes one day to be in profit, not many programs can
offer you that.

Take a no cost position and have a look around.

To register for no cost or get some more info, Click here or
copy link below please visit here
Make sure my referral id is freedemo

Just for registering you'll get $1.50 deposited into your acc.
And you can use it to start the ad views and to earn with it. But
you can withdraw that amount only after you have bought your
first View pack for $15.

We would recommend just buying 1 View Pack at a time. There is
no advantage to purchasing more than 1 at a time. The mistake we
made originally was purchasing 4 View Packs with our first
purchase. We really wanted to test this to make sure it worked,
but quickly found out that if you buy 4 View Packs (400 views),
you have to finish surfing all 400 views before you will get
paid. It's not like we could purchase 400, view 100, then get
paid on that 100, and then do the other 300 when we get some free
time. So we were up very late last night trying to finish our
views to make sure this worked. It was worth the time, and yes,
it does work.

So we would recommend just buying 1 View Pack at a time. Then
when you are done, and if you have extra funds, go ahead and
purchase another one while you are waiting for your 30.00 worth
of earnings to be transfered to your Available Balance to be
withdrawn. Then you can always be getting paid after every 100
views, and just do this over and over and over.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




si hot 9/12/2009  

wah info yg menyenangkan keren abis sob
sukses aja sob wat kau

Unknown 9/21/2009  

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